Blogging Tips from a Professional Blogger

I was at a conference last week and one of the speakers, Jill Stanek, gave advice on blogging.  I wanted to share her ideas because she has a successful blog that is recognized nationally.  Though her blog does not focus on digital humanities, its success can be used as a template when creating content.

12 Points to Successful Blogging According to JillNote the above link contains only ten points as the post was written a couple years ago.)

  1. Strive for Excellence
  2. Find Your Niche and Become an Expert
  3. Think of Your Blog as a Vocation
  4. Develop a Mission Statement
  5. Blog Strategically
  6. Blog Often
  7. Keep it Pithy (Edit, Edit, Edit)
  8. Give Photo Credit
    1. Fair Use Doctrine
    2. Never Crop Out Copyright or Contributor
  9. Write Original Content
  10. Cross-Post to Other Social Media
  11. Be Accurate- Check Sources
  12. Develop a Thick Skin

So what to get out of this:

When blogging, bear in mind what it is you are saying and strive to create a unique voice that will draw people in. Make sure that you know what you are talking about and have evidence, or citations, to back up your claims. And lastly, fair use is fair use.  If an object is in the public domain feel free to use it, but always sight your sources.


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