As I enter into libraryland,

with books in hand and bags in tow,

I smell vanillaed paper,

breathe hard, a smile does show.

There is knowledge all around me,

there’s data on the floor,

information calls me

and wisdom’s at the door.

I walk up to the reference desk,

and am greeted by a lass,

who has tight hair bunned

and is sporting horned rim glass’.

She says “Hello my friend,”

and “what may I search for you.”

I tell her that “I’m sick” and cough,

“I think I’ve got the flu.”

She clicks open the catalogue,

and does her best for me,

After doing booleaned search

She sends me to RC.

So many things to look at

so many things to read.

I’m not sure what will help me…

my nose begins to bleed.

A book about influenza,

A book about the cold,

A book about natural remedies,

and… how to get rid of mold?

I go up to the counter

to check out all my books.

But, on the way, I see them,

more books that catch my hook.

New fiction will help me

pass the time all day,

and biographies will teach me

I like to learn this way.

Satire makes me laugh,

while travel lets me go.

Fantasies allow for my escape,

and religion helps my soul.

All collect’ at the counter,

the technician gives a smile,

Take ten min’ to check my books

she knew it would be a while…

Having gathered what I need,

I falter at the door,

with a hundred books too many,

I drop them on the floor!

This poem was written by Samuel Russell with the careful help of editing by Laura Fullam.


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